WP Automatic Plugin Free Download v3.50.3

WP Automatic Plugin Free Download. The WordPress automated plugin is one of the best content plugins for WordPress.

It is designed and developed by ValvePress and is commercially available from Kodakanian.

The automated WordPress plugin automatically posts regular articles, ClickBank products, Amazon products, YouTube videos, feed posts and more.

All you need to do is create a campaign and relax, the WordPress Auto Plugin will publish content according to your campaign settings on Autopilot.

The Automatic WordPress plugin can automatically import iTunes elements into WordPress by keyword or artist so you can publish songs, movies, e-books, podcasts and more from iTunes.

It works as an affiliate plugin for WordPress iTunes because it automatically configures your affiliate link while it runs.

The WordPress automated plugin supports more than 20 types of campaigns. It can automatically scratch and publish content from almost all popular social sites, affiliate sites, and even a regular site.

This plugin also provides the option to rotate published content using the “best spinner”. All you need to do is set up the “best spinning wheel” account on the settings page of this plugin and select the spinning content options when creating a campaign to make it work.

You can also start by setting up Amazon affiliate autopilot site or clickbank also amazon api and clickbank username, this plugin will automatically create product posts with your affiliate link.

The WordPress Auto Envato Marketplace Form plugin can import ThemeFores, CodeCanyon, VideoHive, AudioJungle, GraphicRiver and 3DOcean by themselves for WordPress, authors, tags or categories so you have themes, plugins, HTML, psd files, audio and posts to be more .

This Envato works as a WordPress affiliate plugin because it automatically configures your affiliate link while it runs.

The automatic WordPress plugin can post from a Facebook page, open a Facebook group, open a group or personal profile, and each new FB post will be automatically added as a WordPress post. Where you can share full-size images on pages, videos, and links.

WordPress Automatic Plugin posts quality specific articles, Amazon products, Clickbank products, Youtube videos, Vimeo videos, feed posts, eBay auctions, blink images, Instagram Images, Pinterest pins, tweets from Twitter, Facebook posts and SoundCloud songs on autopilot. Just install and exit, it will work 24/7 * to blog for you.

Price updates and affiliate links are automatically configured. The plugin will automatically import and publish all listings from your WordPress. You can configure WordPress tags of image tags automatically.

WordPress Automatic Plugin features

  • Auto-post content from Feeds
  • Fetch full content from summary feeds
  • Extract specific parts of original feeds posts
  • Extract the original author
  • Skip non-English posts
  • Skip posts without images
  • Skip posts with no content
  • Extract Categories
  • Extract original tags
  • Search and replace
  • Original time posts
  • Post oldest items first
  • Decode Html entities
  • Convert encoding before posting
  • Duplicate title skip
  • Featured image from Facebook: image tag

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